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Única Team


Única’s team is its most valuable asset, composed by qualified professionals, duly trained for their functions within the company. Their professional experience, combined with continuous training programs, is what allows them to come up with accurate, efficient and effective solutions for managing risks and insurance in a wide diversity of segments and conditions.

Our professionals can either be hired employees, or consultants in specific areas of expertise, as specific demands of some clients may require.

Among them, there are technicians specialized in insurance for specific economic segments, such as agribusiness, meatpacking industry, construction, clothing industry, pharmaceutics laboratories, retail, international commerce, and others. We also have in our team different professionals specialized in insurance for people (health and dental care, life insurance, private foresight, occupational health, among others), and property insurance (industrial facilities, commercial and residential condominiums, constructions, transportation and logistics, vehicle fleets, national and international credit, civil liability, warranties – bid and performance bonds, among others).

Única also has a strong affinity insurance program, aiming at developing products and services that amplify the employees’ purchase power, which, combined with other internal human resources policies, tend to retain talented employees.

Another relevant service in Única’s portfolio is the most tailored of all means to tackle risks, the Risk Management Program. Única became a reference in the market for this strategy to tackle risks, due to the deep level of specialization of this program, and the ability of its staff to reach accurate, efficient and effective solutions in a variety of industries.

Única’s long experience in managing corporate risks, allowed its team to understand what are the complimentary measures that can be taken in order to minimize risks within the Risk Management Program, and, consequently, reduce the costs to insure such risks. We rely on the expertise of renowned consultants for key areas of risk assessment, such as: legal (mainly related to insurance and labour law); staff training; risk management tools; specific evaluations to support processes, negotiations, as well as with regulatory entities - specially concerning environmental risks.